What size prints do you offer?

2x6 or 4x6

How many prints do I get?

Unlimited! If you purchase the Print Package

How many Photos can I take?

As many as you want!

How big is the back drop?

9ft x  9ft

Where can you send the photos from the iPad?

Facebook, Twitter, or Email

Do photos print on the spot?

Yes! They print within seconds of the photo that was just took.

Will someone from Sara's Social Booth be there?

Yes. There will be an attendant there the entire time.

How is the photo quality?

It is amazing! We always get compliments on how professional they look. We use an SLR Camera and we have a professional Strobe light. The photos are extremely sharp and in focus

​Can you accommodate an outdoor event?

Yes, if the weather is right. Otherwise shelter is needed in case of wind or rain.